Jeff Carlton Simon ~ Film & Photography

ABC 20/20

Boating Safety - Director-Cameraman (Only show to Air 3 Years)
Nominated for an Emmy

The Lorenzo Empire - Director-Cameraman/ABC
Parkinsons Disease
- Director-Cameraman/ABC
Dangers of Diving - Director Of Photography/ABC

Gay Priests - Director of Photography

ABC Close-Up - Specials
Bomb Factories - Director-Cameraman/ABC/
Emmy Nomination
Headliners-Press Club Award

Diagnosis Malpractice - Director/Cameraman/ABC/Emmy Nomination
The Old and The Agin
g - Director/Cameraman/ABC/Emmy Nomination

PBS - Specials
Shark Special - Director of Photography-Underwater/Nat’l Geographic
The Oceans Must Liv
e - Director - Underwater Cameraman/World of Survival
The Violence Factor - Director of Photography

T-Rex: The Ultimate GuideDirector of Photography - Cable Ace Finalist

CBS - Special            
Bald Eagle - Co-Director-Cameraman/World of Survival

Underwater Wedding - Underwater Director of Photography
Elmore Leonard, Writer - Director of Photography

Storm Stories - Hurricanes - Director of Photography


Westport, CT 


Misc. TV as Director of Photography
Alligator Alarm - ABC Mini Special

In Search Of : Moray Eels - Director/Cameraman
NOVA : Coral Reefs - Underwater Director of Photography 
The Fall Guy - Camera Operator
Checking It Out - Director/Cameraman
Amazing Animals - Director/Cameraman
Children’s Television Workshop - Underwater Director of Photography
3-2-1-Contact Astronaut Training - Underwater Director of Photography
Science - Sea Turtles - Director/Cameraman
Christo - 
Surrounded Islands - Director/DP/Special Sequences/Miami
The Last TroubadourFrench TV - Director Of Photography
Entertainment Tonight
The Diving Dog -That's Incredible

American Detective
Golden Palace

Music Videos

Huey Lewis & the News : Stuck With You - Music Video of the Year
Cocoban in the Caribbean - Director of Photography (3 Videos)
Journey - Cameraman
Neville Brothers - Director Of Photography
Jimmy Buffet - Cameraman
MTV’s Safe Sex Video - Director Of Photography - First Sex Video for MTV
Julio Igleasis - Cameraman
DMX - Director Of Photography

Corporate Videos as Director of Photography
IBM International with Tommy Smothers
Sperry New Holland, 
History of Agriculture
New York Telephone
Panda Project
Sundowner Boats

Simulator Films
Days of Thunder Simulator Film - 35mm - Cameraman
Wakulla Springs Adventure - Underwater Director Of Photography
Race Course 70mm - Director Of Photography
Hot Dog Cars 70mm - Director Of Photography
Killer Whales 70mm - Director Of Photography
Everglades 70mm - Director Of Photography

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