Jeff Carlton Simon ~ Film & Photography


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National Wildlife videos:

Westport, CT


Feature Films & Video LInks

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective - Dir. of Photography-2nd Unit
Driven - Dir. of Photography-2nd Unit/Universal
Lord of The Flies - Dir. of Photography-2nd Unit/Landmark
Days of Thunder - Camera Operator-Paramount Pictures
Flight of the Navigator - Dir. of Photography-2nd Unit/Disney Pictures
Pope of Greenwich Village - 2nd Unit Operator-MGM/United Artists
Porky's Revenge - Camera Operator-Twentieth Century Fox
Revenge of the Nerds - Dir. of Photography-2nd Unit/20th Century Fox
Police Academy 4 - 2nd Unit Operator-Warner Bros
Police Academy 5 - 2nd Unit A Camera -1st Unit B Camera/Warner
The Specialist - 1st Unit Operator/Warner Bros
Just Cause - 2nd Unit Operator/Warner Bros
Drop Zone - 2nd Unit Operator/Paramount Pictures
Russkies - Dir. of Photography-2nd Unit/New Line
Stealing Home - Dir. of Photography - 2nd Unit/Aerials/UW/Warner
Mannequin on the Move - Dir. of Photography-2nd Unit/UW/Aerials
Jaws 3-D - Underwater Operator/Universal Pictures
Home Alone 2 - Dir. of Photography/Special Sequences
No Mercy - Dir. of Photography-2nd Unit/Tri Star
Barracuda - Dir. of Photography-2nd Unit/United Int Pictures
The Cayman Triangle - Dir. of Photography-2nd Unit/Hefalump
Parent Trap 2 - Dir. of Photography-2nd Unit/Disney Pictures
Arrive Alive - Dir. of Photography-2nd Unit/Paramount
Something Wild - B Camera Operator/Orion Pictures
Switching Channels - A Camera Operator-2nd Unit/Tri Star
Band of The Hand - B Camera Operator/Lorimar Pictures
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